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You will find each section of the corse below.

You can easily see the duration of each video in that section. You will also have action steps to complete for each section too. bare that in mind when leaving time to complete each section. It will take you longer than the video time to complete.

You don’t have to leave time for completing each action step too but I would advise that you try to do the task set as soon as possible after watching the video so that it is fresh to you. This will help so that tasks don’t mount up either.

I would encourage you to leave about an hour per day and complete the corse in 2 weeks. Some videos are a lot shorter than others so you can catch up on any tasks, on those sections.

It’s all for you, to be fun and a breeze to complete. It is very easy to follow and takes you through step by step, with one video per session.

Module – Introduction
Video Length = 20mins


Session 1– Your relationship with money
Video length 1 hour


Session 2  – Memories
Video Length 30mins


Session 3 – The energy of miracles
Video length 12 minutes


Session 4 – Confessions
Video length 10 mins


Session 5 – Reflections
Video Length 16 mins


Session 6  – Visioning
Video Length 54 mins


Session 7 – Alter Ego
Video Length 10 mins


Session 8– Scripting
Video Length 18 mins


Session 9 – Gratitude
Video Length 23 mins


Session 10 – Spells
Video Length 20 mins


Session 11 – Spirit Animal
Video Length 25 mins


Session 12 – Connecting
Video Length 23 mins


Conclusion and last action step
Video Length 20mins