Money Module

I Expand In Abundance Love and Success Everyday and Inspire Others To Do The Same

Welcome to your abundance upgrade. 

The basis of this module is to uncover subconscious programming to do with our relationship to money. What we think of money and how we relate to money in our minds. 

We want the most effective thinking around money so that this relationship is treated with the respect it deserves for the remainder of your life. 

I hope that you are excited to get stuck in! One key thing to remember is that you WANT to find all the ways that your relationship with money UP TILL NOW has been ineffective.

You are looking to improve them.

If you pretend like “money is the problem” and not take ownership of your own behaviour then, it may take you longer to find this “whole” relationship, that i’m talking about.

Your first steps will be heightening your awareness to yourself. Do you automatically go to, things like; it’s all money fault. Its because i’m hard done by. I’ve never had any opportunities.

By the way, this would ALL be GREAT STUFF. We want to dig out why you feel stuck.

From awareness comes change!

No one is perfect. I love getting used to owning my flaws and we all have them. It makes us human.


You can move through the sessions at your own pace. I would recommend setting aside 1 hour a day to watch one video and complete the actions steps. This will keep you motivated. If you don’t complete the homework’s and you put it off, then it is more unlikely you won’t complete the corse.
Do ONE VIDEO PER DAY and you’ll stay on track.


Pick a time. Lunch time? Get up and hour early and start your day with it or straight after dinner? I have a small child around the house so I know how time management can be. Thats why its so important to make THIS your PRIORITY for the next 2 weeks! 2 weeks is not that long…. YOU CAN DO IT!


Now you have settled in to the content go to the next module for your first task…….