Want to learn Mystical Abilities?

Amplify all your psychic senses simultaneously by practicing this 1 shamanic skill!  

An Introduction to the Basics, Free Guided Shamanic Journey Class

Skip the first 6minutes of the video, as people are entering the room.

This session starts with breathwrok to get you embodied and then leads you on a guided shamnic journey to the UKHU Pacha.

This is such a powerful practice and it will give you the connection to spirit that your soul desires. It has certainly given me, out of this world experiences and I am still blown away by the extent of the spirit realms and magnitude of cosmology.

There is much to learn about the 3 worlds and how you can journey well. This is full class, to start to grow your mind energy and get a feel for this ancient skill. So that you can get clear messages from spirit, every time.

Extra Learning Bonus Videos Below

Why you don’t need to be afraid of negative energy or attachments
& How to get the best out of your shamanic journey!

Download the free PDF ” 5 Things That Will Free Your Mystical Abilities ” by clicking here!

How to get the most out of your shamanic journey

Part 1 – 9mins.

Part 2 – 9 mins

Clare J

Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and MESA Carrier 

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Turn your thinking into your own super power!

Employ your own soul as a super coach and learn how to amplify this mind energy!


“Supercharge all your psychic abilities and learn the foundations of shamanic practice!.”

Understand, in detail HOW to really journey well. Lean into your soul’s voice and get access to this knowledge, so that you can.

  • Learn the language of the metaphysical realm for self development and personal growth.
  • How to understand this ability and use it’s power to become your own guru.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to speak to plants, tree spirits, animals, crystals and your guides, this is the skill you need.
  • Learn the language of the metaphysical realm for self development and personal growth.
  • Foundations of shamanic practice and healing.

This Psychic ability enables you to do anything.

This knowledge and wisdom, if applied will transform your life! 

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