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Session 9

Gratitude! The POWER of Gratitude! 


Taking action to show your gratitude and appreciation for something is NEXT LEVEL. It is a genius move, when it comes to abundance. You are actively doing something to show your gratitude, thanks and appreciation and the universe will give it back to you 10 fold.

Even if you think this may be a bit silly. To honour, praise and give offerings to the formless energy, trust me IT WORKS. Just because energy is formless it doesn’t mean it is not there. You can’t see radio waves, yet you know they exist. You cant see oxygen, yet you know it keeps you alive.

Money has a spirit, it is an energy. It exists as thoughts as words as well as in computers and we have printed it out on pieces of paper to give it a form. That paper only represents the energy of money. Money it’s self is FORMLESS

When you honour and thank it, it will HEAR YOU!


Nourishing your relationship to money by LOVING your alter. The more attention you give to your alter the more appreciation it gets. Even if its a smile every-time you see it.

Try not to make the alter and then leave it to gather dust.

some examples to help you keep your alter energised are:

– Fresh flowers

– Fresh bowl of water

– Make offerings of sweets, sugar, seeds and nuts (refresh when you feel you need to)

– Thank your statue for anything it does for you. Like taking you out for a meal, buying your shopping, paying your bills

– Tell money you are grateful for it everyday, by saying thank you and kissing your statue.


Please NOTE: When money brings you new opportunities and it will! ACT!

Take 10 times more action than you think you need to.

You will have new income streams

Or a lump sum

Or multiple income streams, very soon.

DO it ALL. You have the energy, you have the resources. YOU CAN COMBAT the fear. Move through any fear contractions with ACTION. Take those action steps money gives you and you will change your life


Money can bring you new opportunities but if you don’t act on them, then it’s like a slap in the face to money. Imagine the relationship with money once again. It’s asked you out on a date and you just DON’T SHOW UP! This is the equivalent of not taking action on your opportunities.

You get to say YES to your relationship with money and ALL it comes with. You might be afraid on some of your dates but they will be exciting too. New romantic love always is.

Pay attention to what is coming in!