Money Module

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Welcome back….

Grab your pen and paper and get ready for session 1!

I always think it’s a good idea to go straight into the homework and get it done RIGHT NOW. Or at least make a start.
Then you go straight onto the next video tomorrow and keep up a daily momentum with this corse.



1. You will have filled in the blanks with your old money story, along with the video. Here are those questions again:

Money is blank

Wealthy people are blank 

People who make millions of dollars a year are blank 

You can only create money if you have blank

Poor people are blank

Only blank people have money

When I think about money I feel Blank

If I didn’t have to think about money I would be blank

One thing holding me back financially is blank 

My mum was blank when it came to money

My dad was Blank when it came to money

The one I thing I’ve never done because of money is blank

I’m grateful to money because blank


Write a lost of outgoing and income. Make a spreadsheet if you know how.
List of ALL Earnings/Income

List of ALL Spending/Bills/Outgoings

Tick or cross if you feel good about each thing in both of these lists. 


3. Your new money story.
Fill in the blank list again with a new story and put a new word that will shift you into a more effective relationship and mindset with money.