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Session 10 Spells 

Action Step:


This element is extremely powerful. Fire may get out of control or burn you if your intensions are not pure. Don’t be afraid of that. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you get burnt, it’s just asking that you reflect a little deeper on what you are asking of the universe. 

Source energy, God, Universe, Spirit, what ever you like to call formless energy wants you to be successful, rich and happy. The more you have the more you can give to others. 


Energy Spell: You will need

– White piece of Paper

– Candle 


Write what you are calling in with red pen all over your candle and your piece of paper. The fire is to send your wishes to spirit and we use the powerful energy of fire to activate and ignite the words into reality. 

Write all your abundance wishes down and then burn the candle continuously (do not blow it out) 

For safety reasons, if you need to put it out, use wet fingers. Leave in a safe space so it can burn continuously for a number of days. This can be at your office. At your home. At your church or where ever feels right for you. 

If you don’t want to leave the house whilst the candle is burning, then think outside the box. Ask your parents or a grandparent, that is always in, if you can light it at theirs. 

Do it over Christmas when you spend some days at home. Make a windproof spot in your garden. Or simple put it out wth your fingers when you leave home and have it burning, when you can be in and around to make sure it’s safe. 

Take responsibility for your safety. 

Give your thanks to the fire for igniting your dreams! OOOOoopichia