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Session 11 Spirit Animal Journey 


Write down the animal that came to your imagination. If you got lots, go with the first one that came in. If you didn’t get an animal at all, either contract me or try the journey again, in a different environment to get a different result. 


This is a tool you can use to grow your relationship with money. It’s like an abundance pet. Formless energy can take on many appearances. This is one of its manifestations and how money comes to you in the form of an animal. 

It’s easier for our minds to give formless energy relatable containers, such as animals or archetypes. It’s how we communicate effectively, because our minds need a thing. 


You can get as creative as you like with this tool. So if you want to check out business ideas, then close your eyes, find a doorway in your imagination, walk through and find this animal. Then ask it any questions you have. 

It may not always answer in words, often they answer in a story or give you symbols or show you something else. 

It should be very different to you thinking to yourself in your own head, thats when you know you’re on the right track. When you get answers that are not what you’re expecting or you have to put the symbols together. 


This can become a very creative way to innovative business ideas and more streams of income. You can ask it to bring you business partners or to make new connections for you or whatever you think you need. 

Be aware that the intelligence of energy is so much greater than our thinking minds can comprehend. Things may not always be going “as you THINK, they should be” this does not mean that you are off track. There may be something up ahead that you cant see yet. 

Always TRUST that you are exactly where you need to be and say THANK YOU. Even if it seems like they are not. You are then trying to make a puzzle without all the pieces. Surrender to your body to get out of your head.