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Session 3

Forgiveness is the energy of miracles.

Forgiveness is an enormous part of designing the life of your dreams, because choosing forgiveness means we must be willing to operate from a place of personal power. Now, let’s be clear, forgiveness doesn’t mean that you’re absolving others or pardoning their offence; forgiveness is about coming to terms with and accepting WHAT IS, and then choosing to release that poison from your life.

A beautiful way to illustrate this is with a story. Two men, let’s call them Jake and Dan, are out in the wilderness on an epic hiking trip. All of a sudden they both get bitten on the leg by a deadly snake, which slithers off in a hurry after the encounter. Jake pulls out his knife and goes straight after the snake, chasing it deep into the jungle. On the other hand, Dan pulls out his knife and goes straight into his leg, carving out the area that the poison has infiltrated and proceeds to suck it out. Because Jake was focused on punishing the snake, he let that poison seep deeper and deeper into his bloodstream, allowing it to slowly kill him. Because Dan chose to focus on the poison that was inside of him, he’s still alive to this day.

While this is just a story, it’s a beautiful illustration of how most of us handle “poison” in our lives. Someone does something to us (the snake comes in for a bite), and then we spend our entire lives hating, blaming, and chasing that snake for justice. Meanwhile, a deep poison dwells within us that is slowly breaking down our vitality and livelihood. 

(And we see this in such a literal way when we see someone who is incredibly bitter, resentful, and hardened by life.) That is the product of PERPETUATION.

When we go to the SOURCE of the issue within ourselves, cut out the poison, and see why it hurt so bad, we can clear it. Often one person’s actions are simply lighter fluid to a whole set of sparks that lived within you before you even knew the person who poured the fluid! That’s why the same event can happen to two different people, and each will have a different response to it. One person may be traumatised and totally in victim-consciousness around it, while the other person can simply shrug it off. It’s because the spark didn’t exist within him or her in the first place, so the lighter fluid didn’t have the same explosive impact.

Just imagine the amount of energy that would be freed up if we didn’t use it to blame someone else.


Using your imagination, go to court and defend this injustice. Be on the other side of the coin.

Is it CAPITAL T true (all of it) that you are totally the Victim? By defending it, you may start to see some areas where you can take responsibility for what happened. This is what we are after. Once you take responsibility for the part you played. This memory NO LONGER HAS POWER OVER YOU.


We don’t want ANYTHING holding you back in this new relationship to money.


Step 1

Defend your own negative memory

With Proof that it is NOT TRUE

Then state how it may have benefitted you!


If you find this challenging ask yourself this…

What is my life going to be like, if I keep believing these stories?

Whats my life going to look like if I believe a more supportive story?


Step 2

Writing out a limiting beliefs column

put the little limiting beliefs and underneath list all the things you used to believe about money that don’t serve you. Regardless of if you still believe them or not.

For e.g:

It’s hard to make money

You need to spend a lot fo TIME working

People (my friends) will hate me

You need to have money to make money


Then write a new more effective story, flipping all of these limiting belief statements on their heads. e.g:

There are so many self made millionaires that came from nothing. Its actually easier to start with nothing because the only way is up and there is nothing to loose and everything to gain. All it takes is a great mindset, being authentically me and following my JOY.

It’s so easy making money.

Money flows easy and frequently to me from multiple sources.

Once you have your new story, i suggest reading it aloud every day to imprint the new beliefs. If you REALLY DON’T believe them and it feels weird to read then start by saying, “I am open to believing” before you read each statement.

This will help to slowly unravel any blocks and open up your unconscious mind.