Secrets to Self Healing

3 part video series 

Coach With Me!

Welcome To Your Empowerment Journey 


Remember this is a process, I invite you to make a commitment now to be gentle to yourself along the way!

We hold no judgement and no comparisons between you and me, me and you, you and the world! I am here to support you, in you finding your way to living your Dharma! Living in the most effective and pleasing way to encourage your soul to live out its desires and to experience this existence with the most profound feelings possible.

This is about togetherness and I know I tried to go it alone for way too long!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR go TOGETHER.”

No body is perfect, nor should we strive to be…. perfect does not exist, only a perception of a learned opinion on what is.

Can we complete ourselves by excepting every part of us as neither good or bad but place it together in the knowing that one can not exist without the other.

It is my intension that this work, provides you with information you need to get you started. 

There is an illusion that makes problems feel real. When we break out of this illusion, our lives change permanently in ALL areas!

Please watch this video for session 1……

Now for your homework! Please watch the next video for a guided exercise.

I would also invite you to set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to do this exercise daily for the next week.

This is how you will really notice and can experience for yourself the power that is YOU!


Check in with yourself right now. Have a think what you are thinking about. Are you aware if you are running any judgements?

Are there any limiting beliefs are coming up for you right now?

It can’t be this simple? I can’t be bothered? I can’t do this, I may as well give up now? Metaphysics doesn’t have any scientific evidence to validate it!


NOT TRUE! Science has now proven that we live in a thought based reality and our thoughts do create matter, as in solid material. Yes thats right our thoughts create things. We have created this universe with our thoughts. The entire universe is energy and we exist in its energy  and create our experiences through this energy.  

Its just that most of the time, we as human beings forget that we are made of this energy. Some call it God, light force, universal intelligence, spirit, intelligent light, nature, reiki, what ever word you have for that which creates the life of anything. What is the intelligence behind nature and behind us? What ever we call it, it is undeniable that it is there and we are involved. Our thoughts are involved, our bodies and our emotions.


Our bodies know how to fix themselves, there is an intelligence within every cell of our bodies wanting to get back to homeostasis. The mind is the same. Our thoughts are always wanting to get back to an effective way of being. We often think we need to learn something in order to achieve this.

It’s not about learning something new….

It’s really about remembering what we already know. So in fact you get to remember. Remember who you are, remember how to connect with the intelligence of your body. If an apple seed knows how to grow the tree, do you not think that the tiniest cell in your body holds the most infinite wisdom. We get to listen to that, you already know all you need to know.   

We get to choose in this life. With our THOUGHTS. We can choose what thought to hold onto and which thoughts are no longer serving us.

That is the most exciting thing about it. We are here to experience all of it. The highs and the lows and the in-betweens. How you navigate your version of reality is up to you. You can choose to experience blissful feelings of love, togetherness, elevated consciousness and all that brings into your life. Or you can continue doing what you’ve been taught, what you’ve learnt and remembered and continue getting the same results as you have thus far. I know what I would choose and that is another experience.  

Yes it is slightly scary and slightly exciting to do something you’ve never done…….

Now move onto video 3 for more understanding.


I will leave you with a few thoughts. I hope you practice these simple and POWER techniques over the next week to experience the impact for yourself!

I would also invite you to start reflecting on your thoughts.

THINK ABOUT, what you are are thinking about!

There is no punishment for getting it WRONG! Wrong does not exist! You can CHOOSE what you want to do. Be HONET with yourself and notice your reactions to ALL of life. What is your opinion of yourself?

What have you been taught to believe and by who?

Are they 100% right?

No body is really right because right is a subjective judgement in a personal value system!

Who has made your rules?

Are all of the rules (your opinions and beliefs) serving you in this now moment. This is an opportunity for you to hold the mirror up to yourself and your thoughts and opinions of yourself and the world and ask if they are TRUE! True with a capital T true? Are they serving you? Or is there a more effective perspective to be found.  


This is not absolute truth. This work is not the right way! I am no higher or better than you because I am passing on this wisdom. There is no leader or teacher of this work. It is all open to suggestion. It is all here to be used as expansion tools, to become your own detective in the most magical way. To start to see life with new eyes. To ask questions of your self and others and start to FEEL again.

To become aware of your body and its feelings and to find your OWN TRUTH. To expand your container and CHOOSE YOU! Not to live by everyone else’s rules and constraints. What do YOU CHOOSE? If you don’t know….. GREAT! You get to look! This work is a road map to help you explore.

How you feel about your self exploration is up to you.

What belief has you feeling how you do? Question EVERYTHING!   

If you want to look even further, like a detective that loves getting into the nitty gritty details. Become someone that gets excited by challenges and what was once difficult seems now like a chance for the soul to expand, to be alive to FEEL all the feels and be happy to fall forward. Then look out for more videos and helpful tips on ways you can use metaphysics for life.

Until next time. ALL MY LOVE!