Mystical Module 5 Language of the soul

Your soul is always speaking to you. The question is not when does it speak, the question is when are we listening!

Replay of Our Live Call

Anyone on the replay, might want to fast forward one of the exercses where we take it in turns to ask for the attention of the group. For those not on this live that wish to have a go at this, please ask at the start of our next call. 

Reflection and Analysis Introduction

How to use your body so you do not get fooled by your mind! 

What is the point of reflection and analysis?

This is what will get you to life mastery the quickest! Action Action Action! If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results! CHOOSE AGAIN and you will quickly shift your reality!  

The language of the metaphysical

How energy speaks to us in the most efficient ways! 

Dream Analysis

in 4 parts! 

Translating Messages

A fun game for you!

Clare J

Facilitator: Shamanic Practitioner and MESA Carrier. Founder of PASH Ceremony and creator of the Shamanic Shift.

Working Towards Oneness.
You are me and I am you.