Module 9

Zone of Genius

This weeks is about finding your zone of genius before we do any serious goal setting so we get in alignment with what you are here to do. What your soul is calling out for.

Also concentrate on growing into your larger container, capable of holding everything you are calling and more. To do that make sure you CELEBRATE you and your wins! To have any high vibe emotions that you are enjoying, stay in the body for as long as possible. find the feeling in the body and give it attention and imagine it getting bigger and intensifying, allow yourself to feel elevated for longer periods of time, daily.


I commit to living in my zone of genius now and forever.

The bridge to finding your way to your zone of genius is these questions. Wonder with amazed admiration about them to invite them up into the light.

1. What do I most Love to do?

2. What work do I do that doesn’t really seem like work?

3. In my work, what produces the most satisfaction vs amount of time spent.

4. What can you do for VERY long periods of time without getting tired or bored?

5. What is my unique ability?

This is hidden in plane sight. It is a skill within a skill within a skill within a skill. When you feel an INNER GLOW of excitement you are getting close!

If any of these behaviour occur then positive energy is attempting to come to you but its being blocked.

– Worrying

– Blame and Criticism

– Getting Sick or Hurt

– Squabbling

– Hiding Significant Feelings

– Not Keeping Agreements

– Not Speaking Significant Truths to the Relevant People


NB: If you are feeling the pressure its a call to your zone of genius….


Homework part 1: 

The Ultimate Success Mantra to use this week whilst reflecting on your unique ability:


Write this on posits around your home, maybe in the car or at work, on the bathroom mirror. Somewhere you are likely to see it often and say aloud when you see the note.


Homework part 2:

What do I LOVE to do today?

Set yourself your very own 7 love to do tasks! One for each day this week. Getting excited and happy about life, will encourage creative thinking and get you closer to your zone of genius.

Pick one thing from your list and do that thing. So you get a week of doing 1 thing per day that you love. You can plan your tasks and time around what you LOVE to do. YAY. 

Here are some examples to start you off…… 

Movement, yoga, meditation, walks, clean car, massage, facial, foot bath, paint nails, breath work, chanting, playing cards, swimming, be by the beach, eat ice cream, out to lunch……..