Module 7


Setting your standards is a game changer! This is the only exercise this week so be thorough in all areas of your life.

You can also come back to this. Your standards can and will change. they are not set in stone. You can always re negotiate life based on new findings and new decisions made.

Set your own standards in all the main areas of your life:








Your homework is to write out on a piece of paper all the aspects of these key areas that you would have. What does health mean to you? What do you want from your career? What level of finance is in your subconscious? If creating the ideal partner what would be on that list?

Once you have your lists. Label 1-5 each thing on the list with how important it is to you. 1 being not so important and 5 being absolute deal breaker if it didn’t have that then NO! Like have a relationship with a smoker! For some thats an absolute deal breaker. They could posses everything else on your list but not pass in this area. It is so important to know what your deal breakers are. Then you know very early if you are settling for something that will never make you satisfied.

Example: HEALTH

– Smoke free (score 5)

– Alcohol free 4

– Not over weight, for my height over 9.5 stone 5

– Perfect weight 8.5 stone 3

– Flexible and supple 4

– Getting 7 hours or more of sleep per night 3

– Healthy Organic Eating 3

– No sugar diet 3

– Exercise once a week 2

– Spending time in nature 4

– Healthy bowl movements 5

– Gut health 5

Your version of this may look very different and you may include things like T.V and phones as part of your health or precisely what you eat or take away allowances or what ever it is. Write out what healthy looks like from your perspective then score each thing with how important it is to you. Then I invite you to reflect on how many of these things you are actually abiding to. How many are you currently living by and how many are you not.

Are all of your standards way too high and actually they should be goals that you are working towards? Not standards that you are beating yourself up for not meeting?