Module 6


Coming back to our awareness is a genius self development move. It helps us to listen, to connect and to be our best self.

Who are you?
Who do you choose to be?

Are you feeling or are you suppressing?

Part of awareness work is knowing your state of mind.

Thoughts create emotions in the body. If you think about things that stress you out, it will trigger fight or flight mode in the body. There is a difference between keeping your body under stress and creating an emotion because of your thinking and how you honestly feel in any now moment. 

For me the practice is to find the truth. take away the excessive thinking and what your thoughts may be creating as an illusion and find the truth. The authentic YOU! 

Below is a video about what is acceptable and considered “normal” in our society. This emerged after I had been talking with one of my clients. She had been diagnosed with a mental health condition. She felt there was big stigma attached to that diagnosis. She was bullied, called weird and treated a certain way all because of this label. I find it incredible how we as a society can alienate people whom are openly acknowledging they crave human connection and they are expressing their emotions truthfully. This video is about our society perhaps not dealing with that in the most effective way. 

I have the perspective that no one is broken, no one needs fixing. No matter what diagnosis we have. I’ve lived under a label of a diagnosed condition myself. Labels are another way for our ego’s to compare to one another to compete and this creates tension. 

I want to be in a world of authentic connection with one another, through honesty and openness. 

Reflect on how your awareness has magnified so far. What are you now noticing that you where not aware of before. How much have you learnt about yourself. Remember you need to be aware of something first before you can change it. AWARENESS is key. 

Awareness to the present moment and to life will let your wisdom come through. 

Homework: please click the button to find your homework sheet an explantation of this weeks daily practice.

You can use it as a morning routine to practice and get your body and mind used to it for “when you need it” in those life situations.

Or you can use an alarm like your SAC and Joy alarms and turn your joy alarm into your ARH alarm.