Module 3


Forgiveness is an enormous part of designing the life of your dreams, because choosing forgiveness means we must be willing to operate from a place of personal power. Now, let’s be clear, forgiveness doesn’t mean that you’re absolving others or pardoning their offence; forgiveness is about coming to terms with and accepting WHAT IS, and then choosing to release that poison from your life.

A beautiful way to illustrate this is with a story. Two men, let’s call them Jake and Dan, are out in the wilderness on an epic hiking trip. All of a sudden they both get bitten on the leg by a deadly snake, which slithers off in a hurry after the encounter. Jake pulls out his knife and goes straight after the snake, chasing it deep into the jungle. On the other hand, Dan pulls out his knife and goes straight into his leg, carving out the area that the poison has infiltrated and proceeds to suck it out. Because Jake was focused on punishing the snake, he let that poison seep deeper and deeper into his bloodstream, allowing it to slowly kill him. Because Dan chose to focus on the poison that was inside of him, he’s still alive to this day.

While this is just a story, it’s a beautiful illustration of how most of us handle “poison” in our lives. Someone does something to us (the snake comes in for a bite), and then we spend our entire lives hating, blaming, and chasing that snake for justice. Meanwhile, a deep poison dwells within us that is slowly breaking down our vitality and livelihood. 

Watch bellow this weeks tasks, picture homework is session 2 and a guided exercise to release specific heavy memories. 


Write a long list of everyone you wish to forgive from the past. Any companies that you don’t like how they operate, any people anything. Then pick your top priorities to work with pictures of. 

Now watch the second part of the homework and go through forgiveness memories, mediation. 

I can’t stress how important it is to DO this work. Taking action and completing these exercises is how you move through to the profound changing in your physical reality. Your version of the world is being played out by your subconscious. If you’d like to clear your subconscious mind and make these changes then it is so important to be thorough with this work. Putting in the detail now will give you so much clarity in building a life you’d live for eternity. Oooopichia

Shamanic Shift guided exercise. This is for any traumatic memories you feel you can recall safely and are able to access with your imagination. For heavier memories, you may not want to follow a guided session alone. This may require an in person session or a live one to one video call.

Please follow this guided practice with situations and memories you feel you’d like to clear and get out of your body.

Use the space opening video in the room first to open space for your session.

All My Love