Module 2

Shedding & Release

Shedding! Now it’s time to start thinking about what you are thinking about. 

To be able to choose we must first be able to notice. If we don’t know where we are at, hen how are we ever supposed to know where we are going?

This module is about noticing what thoughts are running around in our minds on a day to day basis. 

Do you worry about things?

This was certainly one of mine. I realise I was an obsessive compulsive worrier. I would worry about packing stay over bag for me and my daughter to go to my mums….. “what if I forgot my babies trousers and she got cold!” It was absolutely incredible the levels of worry and the thought habits I started noticing !

Make a commitment to yourself to keep asking yourself, what am I thinking about? Catching it is AMAZING! Don’t “worry if you think you are not” and if you do that! Then celebrate yourself for catching that you are worried that ou are not doing the exercise effectively! There is cause to celebrate it all………. 

Heighten your awareness to yourself. 

Homework: 1 release list and 1 proud of self list.

Part 2: What to do with the release list! Watch the example video bellow and click the button bellow for written instructions.

If you’d like to play this accompaniment it may help you with your first fire. Get your paper and fire set up and then press play and listen. It’s an 8minute mini fire ceremony guide. With LOVE OOOOooopichia!

Bellow is a bonus video, kindly Bex has given her permission to assist in your journey too. This is her example release session. Getting it out of the body.

This may seem simple to you but it is so very powerful. Advanced NLP techniques are all based upon the minds power to alter the way in which we perceive how we feel about a thing. The Inca’s and Shaman’s way is to release the energy out of the body, science has now proven with a multitude of different experiments that the body stores memory. What we now know is that we can use the mind, NLP and holistic techniques to free the heavy binds from within us.

This is in my opinion a fairly new way of working that is so effective it will be all over the world and common knowledge before too long. Semantic release exercises and getting trauma out of the body is widely used, to enable us to then make better choices and free us from destructive loops, patterns and habitual choices. If you’d like some to do some more research go on you tube or google.