Module 12

Who you BE

It’s time to DREAM BIG! You’ve done a lot of exploration about who you are and what vision you now have for your future. Is it grand enough?

Are those not enough feelings creeping in? Are any upper limiting behaviours creeping in?

Everyone has fears stepping into the unknown. Are you ready to go ALL in with 50% fear and 50% excitement and let your LIFE be INCREDIBLE. I invite you to dream up a version of your future you think is impossible.

As an exercise…… really go there and see what crazy versions of the future are hiding in your subconscious mind……..

Now imagine that you are very old. If you find it easier or more impactful imagine that you are dead. Then answer these questions. Do it now.


What is it you most regret not doing?

What is the one thing you did that made the most impact in the world?

What would you have wanted to be your legacy?

What are you most proud of yourself for?

What advise would you give yourself now?

What would you have done differently?

What did you never say that you wish you had said? And to who?

What would you be most remembered for and talked about for by others?

Whats the one thing you wished you’d done more of in your youth?

Now that you have your goals and you know what is in your heart and hand written on your soul to do with your life. To be the best you, to be seen, to be authentic, to show us each and every day as YOU!

Your final homework is:


When you have the perfect income, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect health…… who would you be?




What ever the answer is to this question, I want you to take one action step per day for the rest of your life that confirms to you that you are being that!

Your action step can change. I would recommend making it a morning thing, that you do first thing each morning.

Start off with stating I AM …….. (blank) what ever your being word is.

Make that the first action step and then think of some other’s that you can do to confirm who you BE!


You are already everything you could ever want and more. You don’t need to achieve what others think is great, just being great is the prize. You get to BE GREAT RIGHT NOW!

You get to inject joy into everyone you meet and know that you are capable of creating and calling in what ever you think of. Your future is already epic. You can BE your idea of yourself when you get there right now! Thats the sorcerer within you!