Module 11

Goal SettingĀ 

How do we most effectively go after what we choose to call into our future. I’m going to show you exactly how.

Firstly know and understand a good motivational goal setting approach that will break down for you step by step how to achieve anything.

SMART Goal setting

S specific

M measurable

A action

R realistic

T time

Next is to make surely sure you are calling in the version of the future you 100% desire before you get there.

Too many people work for too long for something only to find its not the version they quite expected.

We make sure our details and our version is most aligned for the happiest US! Then we truly fly. We are the creators of our own reality. We are the source. You get to choose in detail what that is. Then ENJOY CREATING IT! Enjoy the journey.

It’s not about the destination. The creation is REALLY where its at. We are creating ALL the time.

Questions for checking in with what we think we want!

1. What would happen when you achieve.

2. What would happen if you didn’t achieve.

3. What wouldn’t happen when you achieve.

4. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t achieve.

An attitude of gratitude for this weeks Homework……


Quinto Prays, an attitude of gratitude daily for 7 days.

SMART goal setting in 3 the main areas of your life:


Pick 3 of these main areas to work with that you most wish to work on. Then set a 3 step start goal for each area. So a large goal for 1-3 years in the future, another goal for anbout a months time and a third goal that you’ll get finished this week.

So thats 9 SMART goals in total. 3 for 3 main areas of your life.

Then for the 3 long term goals in each main area of your life. Ask the checking in questions to make sure that your long term goals are truly desirable by you when you get there.