Module 10

Get CuriousĀ 

Catching your enemies of learning. What is in your own way? Its probably you!
Catch yourself from yourself. Here are some common areas in which we stop our own self growth and learning. Which ones do you do to yourself?

Keep yourself open to learning. Masters fall forward. They don’t pretend not to fall at all. You get to get in the game. Time to stop stopping your self growth……

Becoming your own detective…….
Now let’s find out what you like, what you love and what your purpose is……..

Detective Homework:

List things you like doing.
List things you Love doing
Which things are on BOTH LISTS

What in life are you curious about?
List some things that you’d like to know more about and are curious about…..

What do you think are the rules that drive your behaviour? List them 1 by 1
How is each rule effecting your life?

What you Value Homework:

I’ve asked you a couple of times in previous modules to describe yourself.

Do you remember what you wrote down? How we describe ourselves reveals our core values. This is very often what is most important to us in life.

for e.g: I describe myself as determined.

I clearly value determination. So now I would ask myself if I am being determined in the key areas of my life:

Business & Career

I would say yes to some of these but certainly not all! This gives me an indication of in which areas I wish to grow.