Shamanic Journey Practice Classes

Build your mind energy and supercharge your psychic

Below is all the group training sessions.

I would advise doing 1 per week, to expand your mind energy and amplify this ability quickly.

Each session is 1 hour, with breath work and then a guided journey.


Session 1 – Practice Session 1  Journey to find your water spirit animal


Session 2- Practice Session 2  Journey to the keeper of the lower world (Ukhu Pacha)


Session 3 – Practice Session 3  Journey to the healing elders


Session 4 –  Practice Session 4  Journey to the ancient city


Session 5 – Practice Session 5  Journey to heal from the past


Session 6 – Practice Session 6  Journey to your crystal consciousness


Session 7 – Practice Session 7  Journey to divine mother


Session 8 – Practice Session 8  Journey to keeper of the upper world (Hanaq Pacha)

Session 9 – Practice Session 9  Journey to meet your spirit guide


Session 10 – Practice Session 10  Journey to Jaguar For Shadow Work


Session 11 – Practice Session 11 Journey to The Fairies


Session 12 – Practice Session 12 Journey to the spirit of the crystal (have your own crystal with you for this one)


I hope you have loved amplifying your mind energy…….