Life Coaching

Module 1

Module 1 

Welcome to the most intensive get to know yourself programme EVER! Remember this is a process and each person’s unique take on this will be divinely theirs to behold! We hold no judgement and no comparrison’s between you and me, me and you, you and the world! I am here to support you, in you finding your way to living your Dhama! Living in the most effective and pleasing way to encourage your soul to live out its desires and to experience this existance with the most profound feelings possible. 

This is about togetherness and expanding collective consiousness by letting our individual souls sing their unique style and song. “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR go TOGETHER.”

No body is perfect, nor should we strive to be…. perfect does not exist, only a perception of a learned opinion on what is. Can we observe the observer? Can we experience all that is as a necessary experinece and not as our truth. Can we complete ourselves by excepting every part of us as neither good or bad but place it together in the knowing that one can not exist without the other. It is my intension that this work, provides you with the self development and awareness muscle capable of dancing with life and therefore not struggling with any of it. Moving through each experinec with wisdom and grace. Like a detective that loves getting into the nitty gritty details, that gets excited by challenges and what was once difficult seems now like a chance for the soul to expand, to be alive to FEEL all the feels and be happy to fall forward. 

There is an illusion that makes problems feel real. When we break out of this illusion, our lives change permanently in ALL areas!

Please watch this video for session 1…… 


Now for your homework! Please watch the next video for an explanation of the homework exercise to complete! The written description is below:

Set x3 alarms. Come to a state of all needs met in this now moment. Really Approve of the self. FEEL that security and know that everything that needs to be controlled is controlled. 

Ask which one have you been seeking to get, in your behaviour from that day. 


Really give yourself the proper time for this one. When you have at least an hour. Sit, relaxed put some candle’s or relaxing music. Slow your breathing and drop in. Be careful your over analyser doesn’t come in too much and go with the first that come to mind. 

x1 best memory x1 worst memory between the ages of 




Label each one with A, S, C 

Which one of these, where you seeking in each situation. 

Notice the pattern and know which one of these you need to get better at giving to yourself. Reminding yourself that you can create all of these needs for yourself. 

Once we truly master this state of being, we are truly aligned with our soul and our purpose. 

Bellow is a personal experience of mine. What I love about this work is that I am always in the work as well. 
I am aligned to the power with paradigm and not the old power over ways. As far as I know we all have been brought up with this! I was taught that competition was healthy, that we must beat and climb to the top and there is a winner and all of that power struggle dynamic! Competition is good…… Is it? REALLY? WHY? 


To create drive and passion? 
Thats what I was told! ( What’s your belief) what where you told?


When I ask myself REALLY? WHY? What if it’s just keep us separate. Keeping us feeling alone. Keeping us feeling insecure. Keeping us from approving of who and what we are. Creating a unnecessary divide in men and women. Creating fear and ineffective behaviour. What if that is what is creating wars…….. Is there a better way? If you are not convinced, then ask yourself if you are willing to explore? 


You don’t have to take my word for it and I don’t really want you to. I want you to be open enough to explore this for yourself. This is not about taking on my beliefs and just like we’ve always done, (been programmed to do) take on someones else’s truth. I want you to question this. Be not decided one way or the other. Explore the possibility of a world that supported each other to RISE! 


I believe we have learn what we need to from this space of “POWER OVER MENTALITY”and now it is time for embodied leadership and true power with! This is a creative space, with the realisation that abundance is plenty. From this space there is no lack and limitation. there is no fighting to get to the top because there is enough to go round. There will be no missed opportunities and no one getting there before you. The opportunities are created by you, therfore you can never miss. We become the designers of our realities in this space. You give yourself and therefore others the permission slip to rise and to rise together with love and support. 
Does this not sound like a world in which you want to live? 


Are there any limiting beliefs are coming up for you right now? 


That of corse resources will run out? That there is only a limited amount of money in the world?


NOT TRUE! Science has now proven that we live in a thought based reality and our thoughts do create matter, as in solid material. Yes thats right our thoughts create things. We have created this universe with our thoughts. The entire universe is energy and we exist in its energy  and create our experiences through this energy.  


Its just that most of the time, we as human beings forget that we are made of this energy. Some call it God, light force, universal inetlligence, spirit, intelligent Light, nature, Reiki, what ever word you have for that which creates the life of anything. What is the intelligence behind nature and behind us? What ever we call it, it is undeniable that it is there and we are involved. Our thoughts are involved, our bodies and our emotions. 


Our bodies know how to fix themselves, there is an intelligence within every cell of our bodies wanting to get back to homostasis. The mind is the same. Our thoughts are always wanting to get back to an effective way of being. We often think we need to learn something in order to achieve this. Infact we get to remember. Remember who we are, remember how to connect with the intelligence our bodies. If an apple seed knows how to grow the tree, do you not think that the tiniest cell in your body holds the most infinite wisdom. We get to listen to that, you already know all you need to know.  


Why does it matter you may be thinking? Well it matters because we will always have free will. We get to choose in this life. That is the most exciting thing about it. We are here to experience all of it. The highs and the lows and the in-betweens. How you navigate your version of reality is up to you. You can choose to be power with and experience blissful feelings of love, togetherness, elevated consciousness and all that brings into your life. Or you can continue doing what you’ve been taught, what you’ve learnt and remembered and continue getting the same results as you have thus far. I know what I would choose and that is another experience.  


Yes it is slightly scary and slightly exciting to do something you’ve never done……. That is why the distinction of approval security control is absolutely crucial for your growth. To do something scary you must feel safe to do it! If you were asked to do something you’ve never done, step out onto a tight robe for instance. You would choose not to do it, because if you fell, you may die. BUT… if you knew there was a net underneath the tight rope, then you would still be afraid to walk it, but you would go and challenge yourself to the task. 


For your world, your reality and yourself to support your personal growth and level up in ALL area’s of your life you get to feel SECURE! If you are not, why not? You get to address that! The you get to approve of yourself and release all guilt and shame for any decision you have ever made! That is your birth right. There is no punishment for getting it WRONG! Wrong does not exist! You can CHOOSE what you want to do. Be HONET with yourself and notice your reactions to ALL of this. What is your opinion of yourself. What have you been taught to believe and by who? Are they 100% right? No body is right because right is a subjective judgement in a personal value system! Who has made your rules? Are all of the rules (your opinions and beliefs) serving you in this now moment. This is an opportunity for you to hold the mirror up to yourself and your thoughts and opinions of yourself and the world and ask if they are TRUE! True with a capital T true? Are they serving you? Or is there a more effective perspective to be found.  


This is not absolute truth. This work is not the right way! I am no higher or better than you because I am passing on this wisdom. There is no leader or teacher of this work. It is all open to suggestion. It is all here to be used as expansion tools, to become your own detective in the most magical way. To start to see life with new eyes. To ask questions of your self and others and start to FEEL again. To become aware of your body and its feelings and to find your OWN TRUTH. To expand your container and CHOOSE YOU! Not to live by everyone elses rules and constraints. What do YOU CHOOSE? If you don’t know….. GREAT! You get to look! This work is a road map to help you explore. How you feel about your self exploration is up to you.  


Enjoy a piece of my exploration. 
What belief has you feeling how you do? Question EVERYTHING!   


Now watch this video class below on assessments and assertions. This is to deepen your understanding of how we function based on our opinions. What ever comes out of our mouth or goes through our brains is all based on what we have experienced and learnt thus far in our existance. 

The purpose of this is not to chuck everything out the window in a fit of dismay and exclaim that all we have learn up till now has been a lie and a waste of time. It’s to come full circle and make sure that you get to see the world from an effective perspective. To bring you more understanding of others and how they may be acting based on what beliefs are running them. If you know you have a pattern of behaviour that you continue to do, then what is the belief that is holding you to this habbit? 
You don’t need to know right now…. Just be open to searching over the coming days. 

You may begin to notice that you often behave in a certain way. Like you are on auto pilot. We all have our go to diminishers that show up when things get stressful in our lives. 
Which of these behaviours do you go to?

Over Analyser 
The Perfectionist
Know It All
Self Doubt
Looking Good
Not asking for help

What do you always do? 
How you do anything is how you do everyhthing! 

The trick is to be able to choose. The action step is, next time your diminisher shows up, then choose the opposite! Can you go from criticising to perfetionist? 
So finding the faults in everything to suddently trying to find one possitive, perfect part. 
can you go from not asking for help, to droping your pride and your beliefs and reasons why not, to asking wholeheartly for geniune help with something? 

Always play your opposite card! 
This will propell you out of your comfort zone and into a new container of life faster than you can think about it.