Security Approval Control


Welcome to the most powerful distinction  EVER! Remember this is a process and each person’s unique take on this will be divinely theirs to behold! We hold no judgement and no comparison’s between you and me, me and you, you and the world! I am here to support you, in you finding your way to living your Dharma! Living in the most effective and pleasing way to encourage your soul to live out its desires and to experience this existence with the most profound feelings possible. 

This is about togetherness and expanding collective consciousness by letting our individual souls sing their unique style and song. “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR go TOGETHER.”

No body is perfect, nor should we strive to be…. perfect does not exist, only a perception of a learned opinion on what is. Can we observe the observer? Can we experience all that is as a necessary experience and not as our truth. can we complete ourselves by excepting every part of us as neither good or bad but place it together in the knowing that one can not exist without the other. 

It is my intension that this work, provides you with the self development and awareness muscle capable of dancing with life and therefore not struggling with any of it. Moving through each experience with wisdom and grace. Like a detective that loves getting into the nitty gritty details, that gets excited by challenges and what was once difficult seems now like a chance for the soul to expand, to be alive to FEEL all the feels and be happy to fall forward. If falling is not perceived as bad then how could you EVER do anything WRONG? there is no such thing as wrong, right or wrong is a subjective judgement in a personal value system!

There is an illusion that makes problems feel real. When we break out of this illusion, our lives change permanently in ALL areas!



Prepare your mind for the work……

Open yourself up to possibility and break free from your self made, metaphorical prison.

Watch video two for a platform on which to jump off into your SAC exercise.


Now For SAC Exercise

Full Credit to this distinction was Stretch 22 and the great man PRESTON SMILES. If you are wanting to train as a coach and leader, then his training will be the one and only step you should take. 

Security Approval Control
The most powerful distinction, that will keep giving you insight after insight for the remainder of your life. 

These our ALL human beings core desires. When we feel we have obtained these all our needs are met. 
We can stop searching for others to give us these 3 things and give them to ourselves. 
If you can’t control it, drop it or let it be. 
Ask yourself what you can control? Take an action step towards that. 
You are secure and you can approve of yourself always, thats YOUR CHOICE! Your birth right. 

Set x3 alarms. Come to a state of all needs met in this now moment. Really Approve of the self. FEEL that security and know that everything that needs to be controlled is controlled. 

Ask which one have you been seeking to get, in your behaviour from that day. 


Really give yourself the proper time for this one. When you have at least an hour. Sit, relaxed put some candle’s or relaxing music. Slow your breathing and drop in. Be careful your over analyser doesn’t come in too much and go with the first that come to mind. 

x1 best memory x1 worst memory between the ages of 




Label each one with A, S, C 

Which one of these, where you seeking in each situation. 

Notice the pattern and know which one of these you need to get better at giving to yourself. Reminding yourself that you can create all of these needs for yourself. 

Once we truly master this state of being, we are truly aligned with our soul and our purpose. 

This (Should Be) your re-play of the session. 

Excuse the delay. Your video had a problem loading. So tech issue’s have caused the few days of absense, until this was done. I’ve tried it again and it’s still not showing. When it decides to work it will show above here. 

So Much Love!