Module 8


Make a commitment to yourself to speak slower this week and be aware of your language. Your words and habits, which ones you use often. How you speak about yourself and how you speak about others.



Homework part 1: 

Go through one by one starting at the top and write out of all the things you usually say you “can’t do” on a piece of paper using black pen.

Then with a new piece of paper write them out again IN RED PEN replacing the word I can’t with either I CAN or I CHOOSE NOT TO.

The first piece (I can’t) paper you will burn in fire ceremony way (go back to watch guided mini fire ceremony in Module 2 ) if you want reminding of this.

The second piece of paper with I CAN or I CHOOSE TO in RED PEN, you will use fire to call in. Place the piece of paper under a candle and light the candle. You must leave the candle burning without blowing it out till it has burned the entire way down. Make sure you take full responsibility for yourself and leave your candle burning in a VERY SAFE environment with something fire proof under it and a clear space all around, high enough away from any disturbances and well away from pets and children. To be very safe, find a a small thin candle and make sure you are able to be around whilst it burns all the way down to be sure it is safe.

Now continue with the next dirty word and upgrade in the same way. Write out all the tings you have ever said that you will try. Often centred around time. When did you say you’ll try to get round to it. I’ll try to do that on the way home. Yes I will try………..

put your try list in black and burn in fire ceremony. Write it out again, replacing try with anything on the upgrade list and use the candle method for this sheet.

Repeat for the rest of this list. You may want to do them all at once and get really into it. You may want to take it day by day and do one per day for the next 5 days. That is up to you and your preferences. use which ever method works for you to complete this task.

Homework part 2:

Get some feedback on your language. Speak to 2 close friends or family members and ask their opinion of you. What do other people say about you. Ask…..

How would you describe me to an alien?

What do you think I would say about myself?

What do you remember hearing me say about myself?

What do I always say I can’t do? Or don’t have?

What do I always say i’m happy about?

What do I always moan about?

Thank them after each answer and don’t reply to what they say, just receive it, write it down, say thank you and move onto the next question. You can reflect afterwards.

Homework part 3:

Now get your phone and make a video of yourself. Press record face the camera and start by saying

Dear Alien my name is (Blank) and i’m……..

start describing yourself for at lease 1 minute.

Watch the video back and study your language…….