Module 5

Your Own Opinion Of Yourself

Now watch this video class below on assessments and assertions. This is to deepen your understanding of how we function based on our opinions. What ever comes out of our mouth or goes through our brains is all based on what we have experienced and learnt thus far in our existence.

The purpose of this is not to chuck everything out the window in a fit of dismay and exclaim that all we have learn up till now has been a lie and a waste of time. It’s to come full circle and make sure that you get to see the world from an effective perspective. To bring you more understanding of others and how they may be acting based on what beliefs are running them. If you know you have a pattern of behaviour that you continue to do, then what is the belief that is holding you to this habit?
You don’t need to know right now…. Just be open to searching over the coming days.

Playing with excited intrigue.

There are so many levels to this work and i’m sure you are through a whole heap of them thus far. This exercise is to catch anything you haven’t picked up on yet. the purpose is to purposefully do some ACTING! Thus revealing any hidden in plane sight patterns yet to be shed light on. 

This should be a fun exercise. Inject some play into it. Notice when you are resisting and in which situations you can find the play. All will reveal a whole load more for you.

Some auto pilot diminishers are more hidden than others. We all have our go to diminishers that show up when things get stressful in our lives.

Which of these behaviours do you go to?


Over Analyser

The Perfectionist

Know It All


Self Doubt

Looking Good


Not asking for help

What do you always do?

How you do anything is how you do everything!  

The trick is to be able to choose. The action step is, next time your diminisher shows up, then choose the opposite! Can you go from criticising to perfectionist?

So finding the faults in everything to suddenly trying to find one positive, perfect part.

can you go from not asking for help, to dropping your pride and your beliefs and reasons why not, to asking wholeheartedly for genuine help with something?

Always play your opposite card!

This will propel you out of your comfort zone and into a new container of life faster than you can think about it.



Watch the first video for part one of this weeks homework…..

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An invitation to let go…….

Notice everything that comes up for you watching this and then the thought of performing this task…. then doing it!