Module 4

Emotional Agility 

This week is about raising your vibration. This literally means getting high on LIFE!

For me understanding my emotions and allowing myself to fully experience ANGER and SADness without feeling like that was a “bad” thing. Suddenly opened up the flood gates for me to experience joy like i’d never known it.

Years of conditioning and holding back can be gone in an instant with a new perspective and understanding of our emotions simply and that is exactly what this section is going to give you.

A permission slip to explore ALL of YOU!

The 5 Core emotions:




When you experience any kind of emotion, no matter how small or insignificant it seems. Ask yourself, where it is located in the body. Once you have identified the place. Then describe to yourself how it feels. Imagine what it would be like if it were a shape, or had a quality such as spikes, smooth, sticky or fuzzy.


Then give it a colour and ask yourself, what this emotion is drawing your attention to?


Which of the 5 core emotions is it?


  • Fear is linked to making sure we slow down, increase our awareness and heighten our senses! So ask yourself what you need to be more heightened and aware about? What piece are you missing, what do you get to be aware of? What is here for you to learn?
  • Anger is linked to purification, what gets to be purified. Something that once had one quality gets to turn into something else. Something gets to shift and be purified out of the fire. What is it that needs cleansing and burning up till it is released and becomes another lighter quality.
  • Sadness is linked to release, what are you so tightly holing onto that you don’t want to let go of? What do you get to release that deserves to be free?
  • Joy is reminding us about simplicity, that we deserve a break, that we deserve to be happy, it is our birth right and joy is always within us, for we are always divine, whole and complete. We can find joy in EVERYTHING and everywhere, when we want to. Be in joy and see how long you can stay for?
  • Sexual is creative energy and is all about birth and bringing new life to a situation. This divine sacred energy is here to give life to creation, to give life and energy to us a human beings and to be honoured as that where we all started from. There is always a beginning of something and to be at the start of creation is one of the most magical places to sit. Hold this sacred emotion within you and know that it is energising and brightening your very essence and being. The power centre. What gets to be created from this space? What new idea’s, situations, ways of being are now being birthed into reality.


Natural Emotion = Anger, very natural honest expression of our boundaries and levels we are comfortable with (but if we are taught it is bad and wrong and therefore suppressed it can become rage. People kill others because of rage.)

Natural Emotion = Envy, which can be very creative and a strong motivation to do more and play bigger and achieve more (if you are taught this is wrong or “bad” and suppress it, then it can become jealousy)

Natural Emotion = Grief (if suppressed it can become manic depression, which people are then medicated for years)

Natural Emotion = Fear, it is used to keep us safe from danger and heighten our awareness if under attack (if suppressed it can become severe constant anxiety.)

Natural Emotion = Love, used to bring us close together and for connection (if suppressed it will become body shame, guilt around sex and sexual feelings, made to feel shame about any kind of pleasure.)


Joy alarm x3 per day
1 hour in Nature
x3 Primal Screams
5 days of Dancing
Wear something electric 3 days in a row
Drop a vice
Hug x5 strangers
Hug x3 people you know for 30seconds or longer

Yep that’s right! Hug 5 strangers. It’s more of a challenge if you don’t tell them its for a personal development programme you are on. If you have to use this to explain yourself you can but I challenge you to find interesting ways in which you can accomplish this task!